How does TeamTwist work?

As you know - before deciding, you need to define the root cause of the problem, capture and analyze ideas. Amazing how easy it is with TeamTwist!

Just 4 simple steps:

Why us? How do we stand out?

There are plenty of virtual whiteboards out there. They usually have lot of different methodological tools, but the workflow is interrupted – in case you need to use several tools in a row, there is lots of inconvenient copy-paste included. For most of busy meeting hosts it is also a bit confusing to choose the right tool if there are too many options.

You can also easily find lots of shared workspaces and mindmapping tools. They often call themselves brainstorming tools despite having non or little methodological support for finding novel ideas.

TeamTwist provides predesigned workflow (no hassle to choose tools, no need to copy-paste) which is methodology based and supports both host and attendees.